About Gary & His Coins

Welcome and thank you for visiting Coins by Gary. This site is dedicated to displaying my coin collection in a way that reflects my passion for collecting, life, and faith.

Coins often reflect the values of the nations minting them. For example, the allegorical images of Lady Liberty and the bald eagle signify the virtues of liberty and freedom that are born in the hearts of the American people.

As historical artifacts, coins give voice to the history of the world. Furthermore, the varieties and mintages of coins reveal much about the history of coinage.

It is those allegorical images and my love of history that compel me to try to unlock the mysteries of the coins within my collection. Through this website, I hope to reveal a portion of that history through the coins I collect organized into sets.

I am starting my website with a set of Netherlands 10 gulden gold coins dated from 1897-1933. This set tells of the Netherlands Queen Wilhelmina, who courageously guided her nation through some of the most tumultuous periods of human history.

A number of my sets have won awards from third-party grader, Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC). "Gary's 20th Century Type Set" won one-of-five 2009 awards for the best-presented set, and every coin in it will give you a unique glimpse of American history. Nevertheless, as a whole this set weaves the virtues of liberty and freedom through each coin. Eventually, I plan to integrate my 20th century type set into this website. Until then, you may peruse the complete set here: Gary's 20th Century Type Set

Another of my sets, named "Inspirational Ladies" is theme-based and features worldwide coins with images of significant women in history and feminine national personifications. As an ever-expanding set, I am always on the "hunt" for appropriate coins to add to it. That along with writing biographies for each coin keeps this set continually under construction. If you have any suggestions of coins that I should consider for inclusion, please contact me with your suggestions. This link, Inspirational Ladies, will take you to the latest and greatest edition of this set. Check back often for new updates and additions. "Inspirational Ladies" also won the 2008 NGC award for the most creative signature set.

Future additions to this website will include a collection of Morgan Dollars broken up into four separate sets according to mintmark, a complete set of mint state Eisenhower Dollars, a more extensive type set with gold coins, a silver Britannia collection, and more. Future expansion may also include an online coin store. Be sure to check back often for future additions and links to my other sets. For now, about 97% of the coins I own are cataloged and available for viewing at my NGC Collectors-Society home page: Gary's Home Page.

By now, you have surmised that I am very passionate about coin collecting and numismatics. However, coins are not the only things of which I am passionate. Central to my life is my Christian faith, and all my passions are outgrowths of it. One reason I am passionate about coin collecting, and history is that the origins of our nation are rooted in Christian values that spring from a strong belief in God. While we as a nation have not always lived up to the Godly virtues of righteousness, justice, liberty, and freedom, I believe there is a spirit of these values that strives to bring them back into the fabric of our nation. America's coinage has typically been consistent with these virtues.

Another of my passions is writing, and the blog attached to this website gives me an opportunity with which to express that passion. My blog will not only focus on coins, but also on the issues of faith and life where they have an impact on my collecting. Perhaps because of my love of writing, the greatest award I have received is the 2009 NGC journal award.

In summary, thank you for visiting my website, I hope you enjoyed it, and any comments you have concerning it are welcome.