Set Description

I first learned of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands searching for coins to add to my "Inspirational Ladies" signature set. While examining different aspects of Queen Wilhelmina's life, I read of her character and resolve in the face of human history's greatest challenges during the early and middle 20th century. Often overshadowed by other world leaders of that era, I found Queen Wilhelmina equal to her contemporaries. This set is a tribute to Queen Wilhelmina's life and her contributions in history.

Nine of eleven owner's descriptions listed in "Gary's Golden Wilhelmina Guldens" contain snippets of Queen Wilhelmina's biography in chronological order. Where possible I have tried to line up the events of Queen Wilhelmina's life with the coin's date. However, Queen Wilhelmina's reign goes further than the issuance of these coins and later coins in this set will tell of later events in her life. The other two owner's descriptions (1912 and 1913) will contain information relative to all the coins in this set. Each of the coins in this series is 22.5 mm in diameter, weighs 6.7290 grams, and has a composition of 0.900 percent fine gold at 0.1947 Oz. AGW. The obverse designs in this series feature four separate busts of Queen Wilhelmina, they are 1897, 1898, 1911-17, and 1925-33. Additionally, there are three distinct reverses in this series, 1897, 1898, and 1911-1933.

Assembling this set has been both fun and interesting. Six of the eleven original coins I purchased for "Gary's Golden Wilhelmina Guldens" were previously certified. However, due to a lack of certified coins for sale, I carefully selected and purchased raw coins I believed would grade well to complete my set. While I had hoped for better, I certainly could not complain when my submission returned three coins graded MS-63 and two MS-64. Now with my set complete, I eventually hope to upgrade each coin to MS-65 or higher.

Short Slot descriptionCoin DescriptionGraded ByGradeCert. #
Wilhelmina's birth10G 1897NGCMS 661907538-008
Queen of the Netherlands10G 1898PCGSMS 635015683
Husband Hendrik & daughter Juliana10G 1911PCGSMS 655767252
Coat of arms10G 1912NGCMS 66195048-004
Privy marks10G 1913NGCMS 651631923-018
World War 1 & a determined queen10G 1917PCGSMS 677817292
A socialist coup fails 10G 1925NGCMS 642756959-004
A tough year & the growth of a nation10G 1926NGCMS 642756959-005
World War 2 & the royal war hero10G 1927NGCMS 652750616-006
Declining popularity & a new queen10G 1932 NETHERLANDNGCMS 66244876-024
Finally free10G 1933NGCMS 65160337-021